68 Job Vacancies in Kwale International Sugar Company, Kenya

Located in the South Coast of Kenya between Kwale and Ramisi, Kwale International Sugar Company Limited (KISCOL) is in the process of establishing a green field sugar cane estate of 5,000 hectares as well as a processing complex with a capacity of 3000TCD

In line with its vision to be a world class corporate the Company would like to recruit qualified and experienced individuals for the following positions:1.Analytical Chemists2.Ash Handling Operator/Attendant3.Assistant Stores Keeper4.Assistant In -Charge5.B & C Magma operators6.Bagasse carrier Attendant7.Bagasse Yard Back Pusher Drivers8.Bagasse Yard Supervisor9.Boiler Attendant10.Boiler Fireman11.Boiling House Fitter12.Cane carrier Attendant13.Cane Platform Supervisor14.Centrifugal Mate15.Chief Engineer16.Chief Weigh Bridge17.Cogen Engineers18.Cogen Head19.Continuous Machine Operator20.Crystalliser Attendant21.Crystallizers operator22.Data Capture [technical]23.DCS Operators – Mill House24.DCS Operators (Boiler)25.DCS-operator – Process House26.Drilling & Cutting Machine Operators27.Effluent Treatment Plant Operator28.Electrical In-charge29.ETP Operator helper30.Factory manager31.Feeder Table Operator32.Fore Man33.Fuel Handling System Operator34.High Pressure Welder35.Hilo Operator36.instrumentations37.Inter carrier operator38.Juice Heaters Operators39.Lab Chemist40.Lab Incharge41.Logistics officer [sugar/mol/scums/wastes etc …]42.Manager/Asst.Manager43.mill drives operator / lub44.Mill Maintenance Manager45.mobile crane driver46.Oilman – Mill House47.Pan In Charge48.Pan Man49.Preparation Juice Defecator (lnlineLine Mixer) & MOL Preparation50.Pump Attendant51.Security officer on shift52.Security patrol man53.seed melter operator54.Shaping/Planning Machine Operators55.Shift Engineers56.Shift Instrumentation Engineer57.Sugar bag filling operator58.Sugar bags conveying and stacking ( local Casual )59.Sugar ware House – In-Charge60.Sulphur burner/MOL/Syrup clarification Attendant61.Switch Board Attendant62.Syrup clarifier operator63.Turbine Attendant64.Vacuum filter & Sulphur burner helper65.vacuum filter operator66.Water man67.welder -elect w/shop68.WiremanDetailed job description for the above positions are available on our website: www.kwale-group.com

Ideal candidates with relevant qualifications and work experience can send in their updated resumes to careers@kwale-group.com