Facility Engineer for South Africa

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Avedia Energy was established in 2007 as a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) company with a handling facility in Saldanha Bay, and a bottling plant in Airport Industria, Cape Town.
It is in the process of completing an environmental impact assessment study (EIA), and is about to begin the construction of an 8000 MT facility in Saldanha, Western Cape, South Africa

    Worked in a LPG business environment for a minimum 5 years.
    Qualifications and certification to implement and manage health and safety inspector
    Technical design and drawing ability.
    Costing training / experience.
    Can read plans and manage bills of quantity.
    Ability to size and specify Engineering requirements for LPG plant equipment.
    Experience in supervising multi-disciplinary contracts (Process, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation)

    Role responsibilities:
    Design or specify LPG infrastructure compliant to relevant standards
    Develop and implement asset preservation and maintenance of plants
    Set up and Implement a health and safety plan installations for companies hold equipment plus on customers sites,
    Develop implement and monitor company procedures in line with the in the SANS, SAPGA, SACGA and NERSA codes.
    Establish HAZHEM and HAZOP processes and implement requirements,
    Ensure that the following approvals are in place and the project meets all approval requirements during the installation process;
    Site drawings
    Fire department approvals
    Council, municipal approval were required,
    NERSA approvals
    Implementation of MHI
    Develop and implement policies and procedures and ensure systems are in place to ultimately comply to the various ISO standards
    Do specialized costing and be involved with project development
    Ensure that installations and equipment adhere to suppliers standards as well as prescribed South African / SANS and International standards and Acts, for Avedia Energy
    Basic expectations from candidate/s:

    Ensure certification and compliance of LPG plant
    Training, Policies and Procedures
    Equipment & installation compliance
    Cost control management
    Plant maintenance

    (Only candidates from India may apply)